Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Arpan Diagnostic Center LLP is an independent organization with its NABL Quality Management System to control working systems and associated activities. High quality laboratory services will be provided in a cost effective and efficient manner.

It is Responsibility of laboratory staff to familiarize themselves with content and requirement of quality manual and to comply with the policies and procedure laid down in the manual and associated documentation at all times.

Objective of management is to provide best services in accordance with the vest applicable standards and satisfying the required and implied expectations of our client through day-to-day interactions.

Arpan Diagnostic Center LLP is committed to function in the best interest of patients entered into contract with the laboratory.

It is policy of the laboratory personnel and Laboratory director to keep theme up-to-date with the latest development/knowledge in the filed of pathology by the way of Journals, Laboratory magazines, conferences and also continuous training programs.

Quality Objectives

  • To ensure that all personnel are trained to a level of expertise with the quality system appropriate to the individual’s degree of responsibility. To conduct at least two Programme of training to all lab personnel yearly in their respective department.
  • To make changes in test methods from time to time and as technology upgrades which us required to improve performance.
  • To participate and to improve performance in proficiency testing or quality evaluation programs with peer laboratories.
  • To improve laboratory workload from time to time, this is an indirect indicator of improved laboratory quality and performance.
  • To reduce turn around time (TAT) for various test from time to time. To improve report delivery system from time to time as information technology upgrades.
  • To add more test in the scope of accreditation with each application for reaccreditations.
  • To resolve costumer complains within at least two working days.



Refund And Cancellation Policy


Customer satisfaction remains our primary objective; thus, we leave no stone unturned when providing the expected services to our customers. We certify you a full refund of your money if our services fail to please or satisfy you or in cases, there remains some malfunction from our end. However, the refund demands genuine explanations and a thorough investigative procedure. 

Customers have the complete authority to cancel a booking if the lab partners' services do not fulfil your expectations. However, the cancellation will be approved if it happens before the test and the sample collection procedures. In case the test has already been conducted, you will not receive any refund of the money. At Arpan Diagnostic Centre we work to ensure that you receive assistance and coordination in the labs, but in case you have some complaint to register against any lab partner, feel free to reach to the concerned person. 

We work with utmost integrity, which involves providing the right information about MRP, discounts and the like. However, if we fail to acknowledge you with the correct information from our end, you can cancel the booking. If the order has been made directly from our website, you can receive the full refund. 

If you still wish to continue with the booking, you will receive a compensation of 10% from our side. You need to produce the lab payment receipt for the claims.

Our cancellation and refund policies have been listed below:


Customers can cancel the booking at any time they want before the beginning of the lab tests. In those cases, the customer is liable to receive an entire refund. However, there should be no third party playing here, and the full refund is applicable if the whole booking process has been done on our official website.

Also, if there have been partial tests carried out from the booking, we accept making a refund to that particular extent, not the full refund.

If the customer has opted for a home visit in health packages, then the cancellation must occur before the technician visits. If you choose to cancel after the visit, you will have to give (enter amount) as visit charges.

Except for the cases as mentioned above, the refund policies of our lab partner shall be validated

Refund Policy

Arpan Diagnostic Centre issue the refund to that card through the booking has been carried out by the customer. The payment refund will also be made to the account from where the charge was deducted during payment gateway. The refund process will be over within seven business days